I can offer different types of consulting services, from interior design to architecture and estimating.
Every project is different and requires careful study before starting to think about any specific idea.
Only through careful observation of the current situation and the possibilities of the space can a good design be achieved.


Questions & Answers

Collaboration can be of different types, starting with a complete project as well as a simple consultation.
It can be long-term or on a simple case.

The price depends on the type of collaboration and the project.
It can be by the hour or fixed rate depending on the duration of the work.
Normally the project is divided into 3 phases, from concept design to final idea.
Payment can be according to these stages, so that the client can always check the development of the project.

There are 3 stages:
1- investigation and study of the idea
2- design development, in which the different materials are also studied and the final images of the space are obtained.
3- detail design, in which the technical parts to be supplied to the construction company for the construction of the work are designed.